Thursday, November 16

Still Alive!

A few of you have e-mailed me, concerned that perhaps I was raptured and you all were left behind. Worry not...

I've been very busy after the conference with some new customers and follow-ups - too busy to blog. I'll try to get back into a routine after the Thanksgiving holiday.

Question for anyone with an opinion. I'm looking for a new study Bible - and I would prefer to stick with the NASB translation. I currently use the Open Bible, which I like, but the textual notes are limited. I have narrowed it down to the NASB Study Bible by Zondervan (that's the frontrunner currently), and the NASB Scofield Study Bible III. I've ruled out, for now, the MacArthur Study Bible and the Ryrie. Comments?


Julianne said...

I use the NASB Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible. I love it because it has many of the words numbered and then goes into the original hebrew and greek meaning of those words. I used to use the Open Bible before that and I really liked it a lot, but now I cannot imagine not having the Hebrew and Greek Key Word study with me to reference to when I am trying to understand something and I am away from a computer.

However, somebody saw fit to tear out a page of my bible and toss it, without telling their mom...

So you see Matthew 5:15-6:2 seems to no longer apply to my children and me...LOL! I was kind of bummed about this as I cannot afford another Bible right now, but then I decided I will just look at the light side and trust in the Lord.

Whatever you choose, I pray you will be immensely blessed in your study time with our Lord.

Sending blessings to you, your wife, and daughters...

Scott Arnold said...

Thanks Julianne!

I spent a couple of hours last weekend at our local Christian Bookstore and did browse through the Key Word Study Bible. It looks fascinating, I just wasn't sure what a person like me would do with it! (not knowing Hebrew or Greek)

I can never tell if you're joking. Are you really missing a page? You crack me up. Have you thought about looking for a cheap used version just to get the page?

Thanks for they prayers. My family is doing great! I don't know if you know - but we left the Methodist Church (both of us are lifelong Methodists) in September, and have been attending a non-denominational evangelical church. Much better for us.

How is your family??

Blessings to you and yours,

Julianne said...

Hi Scott:

I have been one of those concerned about what happened to you!!! You can see by your log that I come by often looking for a new post. It just kept me in prayer for you, your wife, and daughters as I hoped nothing had happened.

No, I did not know you left the Methodist church. I know that must have been a very difficult decision for you, but I commend you for following the Spirit and not the traditions of men in your decision.

As for the Key Word Study, I don't think you need to know Hebrew or Greek. It is just like having a dictionary with you. When you wonder if a word could be expanded to give you more insight, you simply look up the number on the word and find out more. The numbers in BOLD have lexical aids that are more expanded in detail than those in regular type. So you have grammatical notations, two lexicons, a concordance, and then two dictionaries in the back of this bible.

Spiros Zodhiates also includes a lot of commentary throughout the Bible, but again this is like any man's commentary...some excellent insights and some you will differ in opinion.

Here is the downside to this Bible in my opinion. Often in church when during teaching, I catch myself trying to find out more about a word in a verse and realize that I have been taking notes on what I learned out of my lexicon instead of what the teacher is saying. I will miss about 2 minutes of the teaching. I am grateful for teaching tapes and CDs where I can find out what I missed. :-)

Stan said...

Or, Julianne, you just go visit a Christian bookstore, find the same Bible you have, tear out the page you're missing, and ... well, okay, maybe that's not the best choice ... never mind.

Samantha said...

Wait....why did you rule out the MacAruthur? That's what we have and I love it............?

Scott Arnold said...

Hi Sam-

I just tended to steer away from Bible's with a person's name on them, because I think their "celebrity" status gives them too much emphasis on the final product.

In the case of MacArthur, my understanding is that he believes that if you don't physically "confess Christ as Lord" with your mouth - you can't be saved. If true, I just couldn't disagree more (I see no difference between that and water baptism). I think believers will confess Christ as a result of faith, just as I think they will get baptized and bear other fruits of genuine faith.

Similarly, I decided against Ryrie because of the dogmatic end times theology that he holds - and Scofield for similar reasons. I've settled on the NIV Spirit of the Reformation Study Bible - and will carry a slimline NASB with it since I don't care for the NIV in terms of study.

In fairness, I agree with MacArthur, Ryrie and Scofield probably well over 90% of the time - I just don't want biases in my study Bible on issues I don't see any reason for dogmatism on.

Just curious - am I wrong about MacArthur?

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